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Discover Your child Career for dream job

  After your higher education there are certain questions that tickle your mind. Which stream should I opt for? What would be the best subject that would shape my career? What are my goals? What do I aspire to do? When such questions wobble the mind and there are no specific answers to them therein common mistakes are committed while choosing the career or stream --- 1. Decisions are taken under societal pressure 2. No clear understanding of skills- Intrinsic Skills and Extrinsic Skills  3. Going  for the popular careers  (Medical, Engineering, MBA, Law or Civil Services.) 4. Not aware of self competencies 5. Lack of knowledge of 21 st century skills - pre requisite of any job career   (problem solving, creativity, collaboration and communication.)  The Career Guidance Test solves all your queries and gives you a true scientific reflection of your attributes, interests and skills which further proves beneficial in selecting best career for yourself. It is