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Pandemic- a Disease or an Awakening ? Future jobs and best work from home

Changes are inevitable, if we look at the past you will notice that over three decades the development of mankind has been enormous. Man has exploited the planet to its maximum, now is ready to march towards other planets of the universe.
But never forget we live in a planet a spherical shaped planet where we tend to return back from where we started.
Every movie or a story pauses at a point posing a question to us what will happen next?
We hereby stand on a pause mode yet waiting for the answer- What will happen next?
Coming back to changes now  it’s time for a game changer, a big shift ,a reform  as we turn the next chapter after this pause mode .We will enter a new world -World with new social economic norms, new way of treating nature and new behavioural changes.
Leading to a world where meagre things will suddenly become priceless. Precious things will lose its charm. Investing in Gold or Property will become worthless .
Investing in designer clothes or spending extravagantly in social rituals utter foolishness.
Demands will curb the supply. Contentment will reign supreme.
Under such circumstances how will my job change?
Will I continue doing what I was before the pandemic or there will be a compulsion to change?
Restrictions on outdoor activities will definitely make me think twice what should I do now.
Thinking over these issues led me to this investigation and now I am on the juncture to share with you all the changing job possibilities.
  Be a Freelancer
·      Data Handling
·      Digital Marketing
·      Online delivery
·      Insurance
·      Placement Services

If you are proficient in language or any subject (English or any other global language) You can pick up these jobs.
·      Writer
·      Proof Reading
·      Transcriptions
·      Language Teaching
·      Voice Over
·      Notes Making
·      Translating
·      Online tutoring
·      Self Publishing
·      Blogging
If you have knowledge to latest tools of computers you are pick up these jobs.
·      Video Editing
·      Making a Presentation
·      Create attractive advertisements
·      Web Development
·      Web Security
·      Cloud Servicing
·      Blogger
·      You Tuber
·      Affiliated Marketing
·      Logo Designing
·      Mobile app development
·      Banner Designing
If you have good communication skills here are jobs for you.
·      Social Marketing
·      Customer Care services
·      Tele Marketing
It is well said that education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create the possibilities to invent and discover. Time has come to now rediscover ourselves as we have to sustain ourselves in a new world.
Be path setters for the future generation.


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