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Education System vis a vis New Normal-part-2

Education System vis a vis New Normal

 The dawn of 2021 brings in new ray of hope. The things might come back to the normalcy.The past year was topsy-turvy yet it proved to a touchstone, an eye opener for the entire world.

We can base our future learning from past. The past year’s experience made us realize that now we can’t be job seekers but now we all need to be job creators. That’s the new normal, create opportunities for yourself, don’t knock the doors rather open your own doors and windows.

 Last year’s experience made us realize that the education system should not decide the future of the students rather students needs and demands should be in alliance with the education system.

In simple words if my 25 years of education teaches me to create jobs for myself I should be thankful to my education system but if still I have to seek jobs from others less than my competencies than I have to rethink about my education.

Recently, I have heard of a school in Orissa where the children were taught how to make toys of all sorts the entire  year rather than conducting futile one way of online teaching which doesn’t make any sense. The real lifelong learning that the children have achieved by making toys will open new arenas for them.

The debate is not to prove anything right or wrong. But the debate is to ask questions to ourselves-

 Are we prepared for the future?

The education system is coming up with many reforms yet the journey is too long and we and our mindsets can bring the change.

Let us evolve from rote learning, mugging, memorizing to asking questions, researching, analyzing and learning by doing.

I am sure each one of you might have explored something new about yourself in 2020. It ‘s time to give wings to those little explorations, writing a short poem, singing old movie songs, testing hands on new recipes, creating your own blogs, storytelling, knitting, health and fitness tips , gossiping and many more.

It is time to bring your small little achievements into limelight.

If each one is able to do so,

that’s where the seeds of change shall sow

Know your own competencies, your mastery, your subjects of interest and your own explorations and new innovations will lead you to the path of success.

Remember: Be Job Creators not Job Seekers

Waiting for your views in this regard as together we shall bring an enormous change for the sustainable future.


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