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*How can you improve yourself*

21 Best Life Ideas -:

    *1*. Detoxify your speech. Reduce the use of words like but, shall, if. Replace these words with surely, will, can. Be polite and humble. Remember impossible itself have a great meaning that is I am possible.

    *2*. Read everyday. Doesn’t matter what. Choose whatever interests you. Books are the best friend even digital ebooks.They guide the right path.

    *3*. Promise yourself that you will never talk rudely to anyone even to strangers. If you finger someone other fingers indicate you. It will reverse back, natural law.

    *4.* Observe people around you. Imbibe their virtues. Identify people, as good or bad,  is an art which comes with experience of keen eyes and sharp mind. Spend some time to learn it.

    *5.* Spend some time with nature everyday. Nature beautify your soul and mind. It freshen up your spirit and guide you for the best day spend and for planning the work.

    *6*. Feed the stray animals. Yes, it feels good to feed the hungry. God helps him who helps others.

    *7*. No ego. No ego. No ego. Just learn, learn and learn. Learning is not bounded with age so every moment of your life teaches you, just grasp it as much as you can.

    *8.* Don't hesitate to clarify a doubt. “He who asks a question remains fool for 5 minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever”. Communication is the key factor for any inconvenience to be solve.

    *9.* Whatever you do, do it with full involvement. That’s meditation. Concentrate on your project, think positive from beginning. Positive vibes works for winning only.

    *10*.Keep distance from people who give you negative vibes but never hold grudges. These people only misguide you, beware from them. You, yourself is best person to guide yourself and you know better that who is good or bad for you. Dear, you are big enough now to understand this.

    *11*. Stop comparing yourself with others. If you won’t stop, you will never know your own potentials. Everyone in this universe is special and unique. Find out the best in you.

    *12*. “The biggest failure in life is the failure to try”, always remember. Don't afraid to try again, may be your next try is waiting for tremendous success.

    *13.* “I cried as I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet”. Never complain. God has a plan for everyone's feeding.

    *14.* Plan your day. It will take a few minutes but will save your days.

    *15*. Everyday, for a few minutes, sit in silence. I mean sit with yourself. Just yourself. Magic will flow.

    *16*. In a healthy body resides a healthy mind. Do not litter it with junk.

    *17*. For one month, eat home cooked meals.

    *18*. Keep your body hydrated at all times. Practice drinking 8–10 glasses of water.

    *19*. Make a habit to eat at least one serving of raw vegetable salad on a daily basis.

    *20.* Take care of your health. “He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything”.

    *21.* Life is short. Life is simple. Do not complicate it. Don’t forget to smile........ smile is free. When you smile, world smile with you so keep smiling.....

Have a smiley day and great life dear !!


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